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Need sound in Yosemite 10.10 on Dell Latitude e6500


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Hi, I need some advice, how to does sound working... I have Dell Latitude e6500 with OSX Yosemite 10.10 GM version 3 installed. Bootloader I used Clover. My sound with VoodooHDA.kext works very bad, with crackling. VoodooHDA.kext I grab from Maverick 10.9.5. There was no problem.


I need some other working VoodooHDA.kext or AppleHDA.kext witch patching. My sound device is IDT 92DH71B7X (ID 111D-76B2).


This is my DSDT.aml file. Maybe it need to patch, too. 



Thanks for any reply.


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Try latest voodoohda 2.8.7

Hi, I tried latest 2.8.7 version of VoodooHDA now  and sound works, but still very cracking and lagging. The same result as using previous version of VoodooHDA.

I tried change ID using DPCI manager, no changes with it. 


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