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Workaround for a Boot Camp x64 installation issue


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Yesterday I finally got around to dual-booting my MacBook, with a nice fresh copy of Windows 7. Everything was great, except for a laggy download of the Windows Support Software. So, earlier today, I got around to installing the drivers. It turns out, my old MacBook didn't support BootCampx64. I then did a quick search on how to fix this issue. 

I came up with a number of answers, but this is an answer aimed at people who were in my situation which is:

  • I could not right click on the BootCampx64.msi file, because of the missing drivers.
  • Or if I could right click, then changing the properties of BootCampx64.msi resulted in not having the required elevated access privileges.

My solution (done from within Windows, obviously):

  • Without the drivers installed, you can still right click on the BootCampx64.msi file by click it with 'Shift-F10' which apparently acts as an alternate right click.
  • If you have the first step down, try opening the properties of the file, and change the compatibility to earlier versions of Windows.
  • If that still doesn't work, then open the start menu. Then go to Programs » Accessories » CMD, and hover over CMD.
  • Press Shift-F10, or right click if you are able, on CMD (the Windows Command Prompt).
  • Select the option in the drop-down menu, 'Run as Administrator.'
  • Then open CMD and get a shell window.
  • Now, when you open CMD, you should be running it as C:Windowssystem32.
  • At the Command Prompt, type in cd /d C:
  • You should now have C: at the far left of the prompt.
  • Type in cd Users. Then type in dir.
  • Find your username, and then type in cd username, e.g. cd John Smith
  • Continue the dir, cd process until you come into the directory in which the BootCampx64.msi is. (You may have dragged the WindowsSupport folder onto the desktop, or someplace else).
  • After you have reached the directory, simply type in BootCampx64.msi.
  • The program should start.
  • All of the drivers should start installing. You probably won't be able to move your mouse if you have a trackpad, as I do, because the Apple Trackpad driver is one of the last to be installed.

If it seems like the process is taking a while, be patient. 


This earlier hintthis Apple forum thread, and this very helpful article

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