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Unable to install Niresh OSX 10.8 on Dell 620 - Please Help


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Hi Team,


I am a newbie to mac installations. I am not really well versed with it. I have an old Dell Lattitude D620 with the following specs. Screenshot of my hardware specs are attached too.  post-68217-0-21722200-1415349716_thumb.jpg


Intel Core2Duo 1.6 Ghz

1GB X 2 667 mhz Ram

120 GB hdd

Currently running windows 8.1

Error: post-68217-0-94887400-1415349746_thumb.jpg


I downloaded Niresh OSX 10.8 bootable iso and burnt it to a disk. After I boot and after the installer starts, I start getting the following attached error. Please help. I have tried several boot flags, but none of them seems to work.


Thank you

Vikram Kumar



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The D620 is not a supported hardware platform for ML (unsupported GPU means no graphics acceleration - no OSXL bootpack - no 32bit kernel mode). If you want ML, you need to use a special installation that requires a legit' retail ML installation package + MLPF hack. Look for the guide in the relevant section of the forum.


The Niresh distro will not get you anywhere useful or usable as it'll be a more "classic" installation but you won't know for sure what it installs.

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