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Yosemite on D830 nVidia T9300 CPU


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Thx Herve for guide



I start with 10.10, then update to 10.10.1 from AppStore

Use multi beast 7.1.1 for boot and System Definition 8.1


Install from USB, copy extra to HDD


Use multi beast to install Bootloader and System Definition

    Bootloaders -> chimer

    Customise -> System Definitions -> MacBook Pro 8,1

          Build -> Select Install Drive -> Install


reboot -> Disk Utility -> repair disk permissions -> restart -> repair again disk permissions -> restart


Today i tested D630 nVidia, but 2,1GHz cpu. EDP can not download kexts :(. I use same EXTRA, but on HDD with System Definition 5.1.


Extra USB D830.zip

Extra hdd 830.zip

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