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[EDP 2.1] Issue with "Fix Brightness issue with GMA950 cards in Lion"


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Hi All,


Thanks for the easy solution for installing Lion on my D620 T5550 / GMA950 / 2gb ram / 500 gb HDD


While running the edp 2.1 Command tool I came across a small bug:


As others reported elsewhere on this forum the brightness of my screen in Lion was darker then I used to have on Snow Leopard.


So the option in the "fixes" menu "Fix Brightness issue with GMA950 cards in Lion" sounded like music to my ears. After choosing this from the menu is stated, it couldn't locate "/Extra/storage/fixes/Lion-gma950fix/AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext"


I checked if i could locate the file using finder and it turned out that it was located in a different folder: "/Extra/storage/fixes/AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer/AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext"


Creating a a folder "Lion-gma950fix" myself and a bit of copy/pasting resolved the issue for me.


Maybe if you create a future release and you want to perfect EDP even further :P you might want to adjust the scrip/path so other users won't need to do this step themselves.


Thanx for all your hard work and helping me to run Lion as well as Snow Leopard used to!



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Yep, we found the bug also a few days after release.. a bug created when we re-added a bin-hexed version that dosent create KP with Lion.


The bug is offcourse fixed in 2.2

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Well I tried the brightness fix (#8) when I used EDP 2.1 on my Lion partition on an external drive, but what it does is it cause the Lion partition not to boot up property. You will see the grey screen with the Apple logo, but the loading circle just keeps on spinning.

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