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Asus N53SV screen goes mental during install


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Hi everyone,


I've got an issue with my Asus N53SV when I try to install OSX Mav. When I click install in the bootloader, it starts to read the kexts and continues to go to the next phase, but then suddenly a noisy white screen crawls down with a black stripe in the middle. I can't see what is going on and it seems the installer doesn't do anything from that point on either. I did install the kexts provided from the bootpack.


I figured this could be my graphics card, which is a GT540m 2GB, that is causing this.


Here's a video I made when it happens:




I use Darwin/x86 v5.0.132, Cham svn2266, MyHack 3.3


Any thoughts?

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Thanks for the reply Bronxteck, but both values didn't seem to work. With GraphicsEnabler=yes, it did briefly show this error:


ERROR: disable_version is 0x4

ERROR: Nvidia ROM Patching Failed! 


The install goes on the longest with -v flag enabled, but eventually it happens then as well. 

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