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Lion on D520


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So I have done a clean install of Lion on my D520. Used MyHack method with extra from this site.


Running EDP 2.1, I ended up with a functional system, but I still had no ethernet as was the case with snow leopard.


I then removed the dsdt, reduced the /Extra/Extensions Kexts to a minimum (FakeSMC, etc.)


Booting, the system with the default of 32 bit was not good. It came up with a dark screen - I believe it booted, but did not have any video display. However, booting in 64 bit was more successful - though I had no keyboard or trackpad. Using USB Mouse and Keyboard allowed me to mess around with the system. I also had an ethernet connection AND a wifi connection. So that was in some ways an improvement.


There is a package on kexts.com for 32 bit 64 bit ps/2 keyboard and track http://www.kexts.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1448. Installed these and away I went, trackpad, keyboard, sound installed fine - all in 64 bit. Sleep does not work, but that's not a biggy for me since I have specific uses for this machine that do not involve sleep.


I dumped the DSDT (A05 bios), cleaned it up, patched it for GMA950. It seems to work ok on the system though I do not know how I would tell how well it is working.


Updates on Lion have gone very well. Not an issue. Hope this helps someone.



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Just installed lion on a d520, all is fine but cant boot to lion from the d520 itself, i must use my usb drive to boot the laptop.


i played with the efi partition trying to put chameleon on it and make it active but all i get at boot is a blinking cursor on top left.


is there something simple to make it self bootable ??




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Thanx... I'll try that and see what happen.


ok got it to boot from c: but i got a message that my hibernate file is too old or something like that.

and fakll in a boot loop forever.


can boot from my usb install drive though!


what is best? boot from an EFI partition or directly from the osx drive...

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you need to add org.chameleon.Boot.plist , smbios.plist , theamfolder, and dsdt.aml from your c/Extra folder to Efi/Extra folder


Ok! Finally succeeded installing it in dual boot win7/osx lion on a 500gb hdd. All is working surprisingly well.


One thing though, i flashed my bios with the modded one from the site here and when trying to install windows 7, it said that the bios was not fully acpi compatible and can't install so i flashed an original one from Dell and windows installed fine.


can i reflash with the modded one now you think??

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