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[CLOSED] D630 - ethernet


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On my D630 with SL 10.6.8 (from iFail s3 v2 10.6.3), I keep getting a weird thing. After each reboot, my ethernet connection is not working.

When going to Network preferences, system is adding a new ethernet connection (ethernet 2).

The existing one shows "cable unplugged".

If I "OK" the new one, same "cable unplugged".

The workaround I found is to remove all ethernet connection (ethernet and ethernet 2), click apply, create a new ethernet one, reorder services to put ethernet in first position, the n click "apply".

By doing this, my cable connection works. System grabs an IP from my router and ethernet conenction turns green.

Is there any possibility to avoid these steps every time I reboot?

When booting on verbose mode, I can see the Broadcom chip is recognized, system loads 5722 driver; and this driver is working because after playing around with ethernet connection it finally works....for the session time.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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