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  1. haven't updated my x201 past 10.9.3 .... can we safely update to 10.9.5 ?. what about yosemite ? just wondering...
  2. sweet !!! gonna install 10.9.3 now updated and running now
  3. yup edp works great on my x201 as well.
  4. make sure you use the dsdt for hi resolution screen
  5. I like the idea of tshirts,coffee mugs,stickers etc. I for one would buy them all !!
  6. use a broadcom BCM94321MC wifi card. You can get them from ebay for 20 bucks. I used mountain lion 10.8.2 for install on my nvidia d630, and it worked perfect !!
  7. ahmad rady you need to pickup a broadcom wifi card, the intel wifi will never work.
  8. Excellent tutorial !! Got mountain lion rocking on my d630 !
  9. It lives !! Thanks to everyone's help I have an extra d630 with nvidia gpu. Now to install mountain lion !!
  10. thanks for the link Bronxteck !! Gonna rebake it now One question: did you leave the mobo in the oven to cool down or did you take it out right away? Putting it back together now.... my fingers are crossed. Works !!!
  11. i baked it first time @ 390 for 9.5 minutes. Should i do it exactly the same again ?
  12. it's baking now ... heated it for 9.5 minutes worked for 5 minutes then the screen went blank.... should I bake it again ?
  13. I have a spare nvidia d630 mobo that needs reflowing. I just might try this now that I see it works. Any last minute pointers I should worry about? Thanks in advance.
  14. Raistlin5


    I live in Toronto, Canada. I have been into computers for many years. Betatested for microsoft from windows 95 through to windows vista. Played with all different oses from linux to macosx. Done website programming as well as application programming with microsoft products. I work at an automotive factory doing electrical diagnosis. I have used macosx for at least 6 years mostly because I love tinkering. Started with tiger on my asus P5k mobo and now use lion on laptops. I have used my hack before on my dell d630 and asus g51jx-x5 laptops. Looking forward to playing with mountain lion.
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