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  1. Awesome ! how is Yos working so far? and can you mention the method for installation or a full instructions now?
  2. Hi oldfux Thank you for your time and effort. The method you mentioned may have worked for some people but not in my case. I obtained a copy of the MD and installed on a flash disk. Booted with that , re-wrote, erased serial no etc.. And tried to re-assign UUID , but non worked. I'm not sure but maybe I'm still doing something wrong. I got the latest Maintenance disket and managed to make a bootable usb and run the program but when I command assign UUID I get error :UUID already assigned. I dont have the instalation exe file any more but still have the USB pendrive and it's still working. If you like I can send it to you to try on your system, perhaps you could find a way.
  3. Can windows be installed on a Guid partined hard disk? If so why I get error when try to install Windows7/8 on Lenovo x201 ? Error:" can not install on this portion because it's GUID" Bios setting just as mentioned above . So what is wrong?
  4. hamid37

    Dead x201

    Hi Jake My x201 finally died after the screen started flashing red? Green rapidly. Next reboot backlight was gone. After a few attempts I could use it with external Vga, opened the case and took a look at the board detached ,reatached lcd cable , after that does not even boot. Press on button, fan turns a few seconds and stops turning, i fell area around CPU get hot Anything can be done? Can i insert a x220 board in the case, the look similar? I gratefully appreciate any help Thanks
  5. Hi Bronx Why? Everyone is using the same bios, by the way I tried the original bios too, no change. There must be an error somewhere in the Eprom and hope there is a solution
  6. The problem still exists, anyone has a solution?
  7. Hi I now get this error before bios boot : 0189 invalid RFID configuration information area Then I have to press ESC to start booting into mac or Win , but it's anoyying. Is there any fix for that? I also noticed asset tag field is empty, where and how I can restore asset number. Lenovo x201- Bios 1.4 whitelst Thanks for any help
  8. Update- Yes that's right, For X201 FB 1200x800 must be used. PROBLEM SOLVED
  9. Thanks a lot, reading the forum mentioned by Herve I finally managed to bring the dead Lenovo back to life; using Crysisexe USB stick. Best wishes
  10. Hi , need help desperately Bricked my bios during running whitelist flash bios. On windows 7 pro my x201 hanged And after restart did go through boot process. Nothing shows when power on, only a beep and shut down automatically. Can not enter bios. I think i need a way to reflash the biois some how? Any solution?
  11. And I get this after the first reboot?
  12. Has anyone tried snow on Lenovo x201 , What kexts should be patched replaced with the original ones when you want to install a hackintosh? I installed this one using 10.7 bootpack. But tha trackpad is not working as you see in the pic. Any suggestion Thanks for your help.
  13. so I tried again, with ubuntu 10 , after the first command: sudo apt-get update , this is what I got: some index files failed to download. Then I just opened the highlighted line in browser, to see what's there. Maybe this screen could help track the problem Any advice is highly appreciated
  14. I get error after typing the very first command. And the same error shows up, as I enter the next commands. At some points it shows like downloading some files then stop with message ip not found and so on. Maybe it's an issue with the Ubuntu version? I used Ubuntu 10.10 i386.iso installed in USB. Can you point me to the exact version of Ubuntu you used? (Internet connection seems ok, as I can surf the web swiftly)
  15. This is the same page, I mentioned above. I get error, complaining can not find the files
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