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Lenovo x201 Bios error


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I now get this error before bios boot : 0189 invalid RFID configuration information area

Then I have to press ESC to start booting into mac or Win , but it's anoyying. Is there any fix for that? I also noticed asset tag field is empty, where and how I can restore asset number.

Lenovo x201- Bios 1.4 whitelst

Thanks for any help

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Hi Hamid


I found you question, looking for a solution to the same problem.  Now I'm back to tell what I found:


A German language forum had a discussion some years back on th problem, see:




Several other links in a Google lookup (rfid error lenovo) refer to User Manuals, for example for T540, in particular to page 134:


Error: 189 Invalid RFID configuration information area

Solution: The EEPROM checksum is not correct (block # 4 and 5).  The system board
should be replaced, and the UUID needs to be reinstalled.  Have the computer serviced.


In the German language forum one member told that a solution was obtained when  "the serial number was written to the EEPROM by use of a Hardware Maintenance Diskette" where UUID might be identical to the Serial Number (of the machine?).


Let me know, if you can use this and perhaps help me along.  I have no idea of where to obtain a maintenance diskette or how to use it.  For the time being I make do with the Esc-button.

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Hi oldfux

Thank you for your time and effort. The method you mentioned may have worked for some people but not in my case. I obtained a copy of the MD and installed on a flash disk. Booted with that , re-wrote, erased serial no etc.. And tried to re-assign UUID , but non worked. I'm not sure but maybe I'm still doing something wrong. I got the latest Maintenance disket and managed to make a bootable usb and run the program but when I command assign UUID I get error :UUID already assigned. I dont have the instalation exe file any more but still have the USB pendrive and it's still working. If you like I can send it to you to try on your system, perhaps you could find a way.

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Hi Sergeant


Thank you for your offer.  I trust your experience, even though my sources were official Lenovo manuals.  Perhaps the second part of their 'solution': get the machine serviced' is the way to follow, if we get annoyed by use of the Esc-button.  I am not competent to work at that level anyway.

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