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Lenovo X201 OS X + Win8


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Hey again,


I'm curious about installing both OS'es on my ThinkPad. Will it work flawlessly?

I don't like to work on Windows 8 anymore... But I'll be needing it because I'm going to college, so...

When everything works on Mavericks - why not. Except dock - that's not the most important thing :).

After installation I'll just have to solve the brightness slider problem if it will show up this time.


As I remember from Jake Lo tutorial for T410 these steps are important:

"BIOS settings:

Set all to default.

Then set Security-> Memory Protection-> Execution Prevention: Enabled

Security-> Security Chip-> Security Chip: Disabled

Config-> Serial ATA (SATA) -> Sata Controller Mode option: AHCI"


Will Win8 install in AHCI mode?


I'll begin to download VMware and OS X retail image so I can create bootable USB stick :).

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Thanks a lot mate!



So. The last thing I have to do is formatting my HDD to GUID and making NTFS partitions for Windows.


Better install Windows 8 first as I think so, right?


Can windows be installed on a Guid partined hard disk? If so why I get error when try to install Windows7/8 on Lenovo x201 ? Error:" can not install on this portion because it's GUID"

Bios setting just as mentioned above . So what is wrong?


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This has been asked and answered many times before... You can install Win7 on a GUID partitioned HDD, but you need to format the target partition FAT from OS X first. You will then re-format it NTFS during installation.



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