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Wireless Issues

Justin C.

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My issue is that I cannot connect to any 802.11N network, I can connect just fine to any network, but only get internet on 802.11b/g. OS: Yosemite Vanilla


Software Versions:

  CoreWLAN: 5.0 (500.35.2)

  CoreWLANKit: 4.0 (400.35)

  Menu Extra: 10.0 (1000.33.2)

  System Information: 9.0 (900.9)

  IO80211 Family: 7.0 (700.52)

  Diagnostics: 4.0 (400.68)

  AirPort Utility: 6.3.4 (634.17)



  Card Type: AirPort Extreme  (0x168C, 0xE01F)

  Firmware Version: Atheros 9280:

  MAC Address: 0c:60:76:14:67:d5

  Locale: APAC

  Country Code: US 

  Supported PHY Modes: 802.11 a/b/g/n

  Supported Channels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11



additional information: The card is an Atheros AR5B93






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Could be a channel issue if those 802.11n networks operate on channels beyond 11. If you can, check which channels these networks operate on. It was not the case for my own Atheros AR5B91 (a Lite-On WN6600A model), but I had to change the channel that my home wireless network ran on by default to get an 802.11n USB dongle to work properly.
My Atheros AR5B91 wireless card supports channels up to #13.
-> In SysProfiler/Hardware/PCI:
-> In SysProfiler/Network/Wi-Fi (if you wonder about the software versions, please note that I'm up to latest 10.10.2 Beta):
I would suggest you check the exact card model. I could not definitely identify it according to the registered information on wikidevi. It's probably the Foxconn T77H047.31. There seems to be discrepancies between Subsystemid (0xE01F) and OUI (0c:60:76), though the wiki could be incomplete of course. You should also verify your antennas connection.
NB: It's a separate issue, but I also note that your wireless card is set as en0; ideally that should be your LAN card so that you can connect to AppStore, get FaceTime to work, etc.

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