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DSDT blocks keyboard


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I have recently installed Yosemite on my Medion Akoya E6221 laptop.

Spec: i3- 2310M (2330M?) processor, Sandy Bridge, Intel 6 series/C200 chipset.


I have generated a ssdt according to the script of Pike R Alpha. I have also managed to create a dsdt with the help of someone else. I have used Chameleon. Enabled drop SSDT, disabled generating C and P states.


Everything except the trackpad is fine even powermanagement (sleepmode) until I touch the trackpad. Then - although the trackpad does not function - the keyboard gets blocked. I have to reboot.


Now here is an even more strange thing. If I use a dsdt I have extracted on this laptop (but not patched at all) then everything is fine including the trackpad but power management is not there of course. Even if I remove the VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext, the trackpad keeps on working. In fact I have removed all things I could find relating to the trackpad, but that does not bother the trackpad. It keeps on going.


So now here are my questions:


- How can it be that the trackpad keeps on running if I cannot find a kext/driver referring to the trackpad?

- What is wrong with the dsdt file? If I use it the trackpad will not work but touching it only once will block the keyboard until reboot (IRQ conflict?)


I have attached the dsdt file which causes the trackpad to malfunction and also ssdt.aml and org.chameleon.Boot.plist.


Uhm...: Forgot to tell you that the trackpad pane in system preferences tells me: " Trackpad not found" ...




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probably one of the patches being applied to the dsdt is causing the issue.

you might have to patch then test the dsdt till you find the patch thats affecting trackpad.

you also need to find out who makes the trackpad and find the kext that suits that manufacturer.

the trackpad might be seen as a mouse not a trackpad in osx. which might be why it "works"

if you save both the patched DSDT.aml and the stock one as a DSDT.dsl you can run them through a text compare tool to see the differences.

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