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Problems with Dell d630, no qe / ci, bios A09


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You don't need a battery to update your BIOS. Download the executable package of one of the latest versions (A17 to A19) off Dell's web site and extract the .HDR file using DOS command <BIOS Filename>.exe -writehdrfile. Then, place the file on a USB key and follow the procedure to update the BIOS (power cable out, battery out, keep End key down, plug power cable, release End key after 2 seconds).


This procedure has been detailed elsewhere in the forum (in D430, D6x0 or M4300 threads) and on the Net. Look up for BIOS recovery on Dell laptops.


I would not use EDP if I were you (it's been causing far too many problems on older Dell laptops for too long now), stick to the initial boot pack and look for the final packs I posted here and there in D6xx section.

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