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F5521gw X220t 10.10.2 Problem


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i just got my F5521gw for my x220t  10.10

but its has Product id = 0x190d instead of 0x1911, Vendor id has same number 0x0bdb

the hardware information show below


quicktime.gif  Untitled.tiff   143.3KB   1 downloads


the modem never can to get connected and detect network (get disconnected second after i click connect) 

its show 3 listed availabe modem in system preferences -> network -> +

and i had following right setting like #99 dial number or APN (if use 3g mode) 


quicktime.gif  Untitled 2.tiff   159.53KB   0 downloads


i just followed the guide and can get the wwan mode for the modem, but its still not worked..


really need help,

thanks for all advice


*Note : - This modem work flawlessly in Windows 8.1



with regards, 


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