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After a fresh install of ML 10.07 using myhack, on reboot, this screen appeared. When connecting a keyboard, nothing happens. Interesting, considering  connecting a mouse works.   I have a 2nd partition with snow leopard installed, so I was wondering, since I have access to the ML files on the other partition,  is it possible to edit something or add a kext????  Being noobatious, it will be my first time at anything, including adding/editing kexts.  Lots of windows experience, zero with mac.


One other issue  -  I can't boot up without the flashdrive. On startup, system won't recognize anything as bootable. Bios boot priority is set for usb, cd/dvd, hd, in that order.


If anyone could point me in the right direction here, especially a quide to installing kexts, I would greatly appreciate it!!







installed on an Hp 640 notebook



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