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OptiPlex 755 don't boot after installation


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i installed my dell optiplex 755 from usb-stick prepared with unifail and myhack. The Installationprocess works fine. I can create a parition on my harddisk. And the Installation finish without errors.


But when i reboot from harddisk i get only a blank black sreen with a blinking cursor and nothing else.


It seems that there is no bootloader, but i not sure. I'm not able to start with bootoptions, because there is not prompt.


Anyone a idea, how i can fix it?



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So which is it you create the USB Installer ? Unifail or myHack?

If it's myHack, boot with the USB installer, select Utilities from the menu bar and select myHack. 

Select Install Chameleon, destination should be your Installed drive.


If you use unifail to make your installer, sorry, can't help you here.

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