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xps m1530 Yosemite Boot Pack


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I Managed to Install Yosemite 10.0.2 On the Xps M1530 ..,It's Not Fully Complete but I Compiled Kext's A Dsdt And a BootLoader To Get it all Running


The Following Issue's i Have is Shut down ,,And Restart ,,Apart From that Everything else is Working Nicely,I Cannot Get the Shutdown to work Properly or Restart ,But I'm Sure i will Solve it Also ... May i Make a Guide On How i Did it ? on this Thread? 


I Tinkered with the FakeSMC Using Herve's Guide and Achieved Full Speed on my GPU ,Also Speedstep Is Running Smooth

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Thank You For allowing me to Make a Guide Regarding the Dell Xps M1530.,,



The Easiest Method And Simplest i Found Which enable's Me to Run The Machine Like a Native Mac Is How i Did it:



1. I Used the Guide To Creating a Yosemite Usb Installer 


The Guide Show's Clearly Show's a Simple Method of Creating a Yosemite Usb Installer 


2. Once The Creation of the Usb Installer is Complete ..Use the Usb Installer Again but Select your HDD Which you Installed Yosemite ,Boot in Verbose Mode ,Allow it Some Time to First Boot ,Do the Usual And Enter Desktop ,,,Now The Post Install Process Begins 


3. From the Bootpack i Provided Extract MyHack To your Desktop ,,Don't install MYHACK Only Run it From Desktop ... run MyHACK Select Install Extra ,,Select use my Own ,,And Select the Extra Folder From The USB Yosemite Installer you Created ,Allow My Hack to Complete And Once Fininshed Quit  It ,,,,..,




Now Open Myhack Again ,,And Select Myfix,so a Full Fix instead of Quick this Time ,,,Once Complete Shut Down and ,,


You should Have Full Hardware Working 


Sound,Ethernet,Wifi ,Touchpad Etc,Full Screen Resolution And Even Tested External Mirroring Apart from HDMI yet But i would Assume that too Should work .... .


The Kext Bootpack Includes All the Tool's Etc Needed to Complete this Conversion ,,,And Would love to Hear input on this As more improvement's Can be Done but So Far Smooth ,Just Need's fine Tuning ...



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the Following Pictures to Adjust the Bios ,For Yosemite to Run , Properly,However If Anyone has a Better Method Please Add It to this Thread so it Will Benefit Us all ,,And i will Keep on Adding More Updates As i Improve On Thing's And Find Better Method's Etc,,










































,Again Will Continue Updating this Thread and if Anyone Who has Good Experience in Tinkering with All this And Make Improvement's please Share ...If There's Any Question's Please Contact me Via the Thread or pm Me 


Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone ,

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Good New's for me And Other's Offcourse ...I Fixed the Shutdown And Restart Issue ,,,Was Basically The SMBIOS ,,,I Was Set on MACBOOk Pro 5.1 ,Which Worked Fine in Maverick's ,However Not IN Yosemite ,I Selected the Macbook Pro 6.1 SMBIOS Via Chameleon Wizard ,And Included a New Modified Kext Pack Which Should Be used After Installation ,,,So First Use All the Above Step's to Get a Working Yosemite Installed And After When All is Complete Use This Boot Pack To Replace the One on your HDD ...  


Step's to Install : 



Unzip This Bootpack ,,,And Use MyHACK ,Install Extra,Use my Own ,,Select This Bootpack And Allow MYHACK to Merge it Within the OS ...Once Complete ,,,I Also Did a Full Permission Repair Once ,May Not Be Needed but No Harm In Doing so Either i Think

Extra xpsm1530 shutdown fix.zip 

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Hi. Pleaaase help me!!i have m1530 too and i've done all of that things U said and every things is oK but when the apple logocappear and that line come after 5 cm this freezes!and when i off the speedstep it's go but when i use the langueg and click continue for installing and choose drive this freezes again even i go to installing and instalation started but after 2 or 4 minute it freezes agin and i can't use from my labtop's keyboard and mouse and i use from usB devices .pleaase help me i need this os soooooo muuuchhh

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Can you tell me which  guide you used to creating a yosemite usb installer ? My yosemite usb installer can enter the installation interface,but it also crash and my touch pad can not work , so I can not Install yosemite successfully. I need your help. Thank you!

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