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Latitude E6430 - Clover Configuration for Dual Boot


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Hi to all,  
i've a problem with configuration of clover on my latitude e6430 for dual boot with windows. My laptop is configured with 2 disks installed: 
- internal hdd with Windows 8.1 ( build company ) installed in legacy mode in MBR disk. Norton ghost ( the utility for build the laptop image in my company ) make two partition, System Reserved and OSDisk ( C: ) 
- Second hdd installed via modular bay with Yosemite 10.10.2 and latest build of clover, installed in uefi mode. 
Under the bios i've selected "uefi" for boot, leaving enable the option for legacy boot, to boot in Windows installation. 
In clover config, i've selected "LegacyBiosDefault" and "LegacyBiosDefaultEntry=1" ( value found trough "clover boot log" ), but there are some problems. 
If boot mode in bios is set as "Legacy" and i boot in clover with boot menu "press F12 and selected UEFI partition", then clover  can boot in Windows, but if i set boot mode as "UEFI" and computer boot directly with clover, Windows don't start.
What can i do? I've already tried with PBR, PBRtest, another value for "LegacyBiosDefaultEntry" and i can't install Windows 8.1 as UEFI, because is a company image. 


Jack Layne
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