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waiting for root device after install


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After I pushed the USB Fix (GenericUSBXHCI.kext) and removed quite a number of kexts to put this thing to install I have the problem that I get the "still waiting for root device" after the installation on my Dell Inspiron 17 (3721).



My Hardware

Dell Inspiron 17 (3721)

The usual:

I3 3227U

Intel HD 4000



256gb SSD in HDD Bay + 512GB HDD in ODD bay (Hac goes into the latter one, in the original config there is a 512GB HDD in the HDD Bay and a DVD Drive in the ODD Bay)

8GB RAM (instead of 4)

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well I'll try the bus fix, but the fact is that I already installed it should make the USB irrelevant...

I'll try it nethertheless...


well without BusFix


(iamgine the next line still waiting bla bla, I was not patient enough to wait for the line when I shot the pic...





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