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OSX Yosemite On Dell Optiplex 745


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Hey I'm start by saying a lot of the info if not all is already on here scattered... Im just make a write up quick to show u what is needed..


Dell Optiplex 745 


8gb ram

hd5450 512mb

ssd 120 gb



Yo need MACPWN and Yosemite app and a working mac or the same one with a previous version..


Make the USB be PATIENT!!!! it took about 30 minutes to complete and the status didn't move much ... once done


u need kext utility and IOATA kext ver 2.5.1 and insert that to S/L/E of usb installer then rebuild permmison


now set up ur bios as follows disket usb sata only leave the one with the hdd ur going to us turn off the rest then put it in legacy mode..


now boot off the usb and install OS X yosemite


after install use kext uftilitys to put in all the kext from the usb installing in the EFI folder 

and add in your network kext and sound kext all to S/L/E and rebuild then go to disk utility and resize you partition

make a 1gb partition ms dos format 


now install clover to the 1gb partition u can add themes now and u don't need to check everything off and then you r good just reboot and u will be booting from your hard drive now you can fix ur setup and may sure ur mac is on SATA 0 you should be good to go also u need to add graphic but that easy u can find the hd5450 kext or wtvr one u use and put the kext in S/L/E ad rebuild 


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