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iCloud again - terms & conditions and server error


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After a serious fault, i reinstalled my system, and i made a guide about how to fix the iCloud. aaand it's worked. more or less. I checked it with my friend's apple id, who has a real Mac and iPad. I was able to log in without problem. I checked it with app store and iCloud. But when i tried to log in with my apple id (what i never used before, because last time i could't make to work the app store and the iCloud) i ran into the following problem.

When i log in to the app store, there is no problem (still i didn't attached my credit card to the id, so i can't look around the downloading until i make that). however when i try to log in to iCloud in system preferences, it throws me back like this way:

Try to log in - it shows me the Terms & Conditions text - when i check the read box and to the continue, it disappears but after 1-2 sec it comes back.. over and over and over. The only difference what i noticed is that when i check the box AND i roll down the text until the and, and after click to the continue it shows an error message* for a 1/2 sec. And everything start again.

First i thought the problem is that i don't have any iOS device, but when i noticed this message my theory was weakened.

I made a video about it and take a screen shot in it to show the message because there is no human who can make a screenshot about it in that short time (i think :D )


Could anybody suggest me anything to solve this?




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