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Recognition Trackpad [ASUS Wireless Input Receiver]


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Hi to all.
I try without success to configure ASUS Wireless Input Receiver 

  • Product id: 0x1823
  • Vendor id: 0x0b05

Someone can help me to create a Kexts to recognize this touchpad as Trackpad with gesture?
I am at your complete disposal to collaborate and test kexts.

Thanks in advance.

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You've gone all that way but did not suss out how to add your own entry? Very easy and here's a hint: to find the solution, find the key... Then keep everything in the family!


No guarantee that having the correct entry in that plist will bring the device to life of course.


PS: no double posts please.

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Thanks for your reply but I have just edited YekkiBluetoothInjector.kext but does not change nothing. 

I don't know how I can get the PID number of my device.

I don't know if my PID 0x1823 corresponds to 6091.

I hope I explained.





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No, PID 0x1823 does not correspond to 6091.


You need to identify the exact nature/type of those different numbers to find the relation between them. It's all in the key... Once you've sussed these out, read the plist entries with all due attention so that you don't miss anything. You do at the moment.


Open the plist with TextEditor rather than PlistEditPro, things should get clearer... Ask yourself those 2 questions: what does "VID" mean? what does "PID" mean? You may not realise it, but you actually already have all the answers... It's just hard to see the forest with all those trees!

<key>PID 6091 0x17CB VID 2821 0xB05</key>
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Thank you so much for the lesson that is making me!

I think I have to decode my PID in the exact number to be entered. Is that right?
I have also used USB Probe, but do not understand how to see the forest between all the trees.
I ask a further indication ....
Full Speed ​​device @ 5 (0x1D110000): ......................................... .... Composite device "ASUS Wireless Receiver Input"
    Port Information: 0x0018
           Not Captive
           External Device
    Number Of Endpoints (includes EP0):
        Total Endpoints for Configuration 1 (current): 4
    Device Descriptor
        Descriptor Version Number: 0x0200
        Device Class: 0 (Composite)
        Device Subclass: 0
        Device Protocol: 0
        Device MaxPacketSize: 32
        Device VendorID / ProductID: 0x0B05 / 0x1823 (ASUSTek Computer Inc.)
        Device Version Number: 0x0100
        Number of Configurations: 1
        Manufacturer String: 1 "ASUS"
        Product String: 2 "ASUS Wireless Receiver Input"
        Serial Number String: 3 "3C0C5177AD"
    Configuration Descriptor (current config)
        Length (and contents): 84
            Raw Descriptor (hex) 0000: 09 02 54 00 03 01 00 A0 32 09 04 00 00 01 03 01
            Raw Descriptor (hex) 0010: 01 00 09 21 11 01 00 01 22 C1 00 07 05 81 03 0A
            Raw Descriptor (hex) 0020: 00 0A 09 04 01 00 01 03 01 02 00 09 21 11 01 00
            Raw Descriptor (hex) 0030: 01 A5 22 00 07 05 82 03 0A 00 02 09 04 02 00 01
            Raw Descriptor (hex) 0040: 03 00 00 00 09 21 11 01 00 01 22 17 00 07 05 83
            Raw Descriptor (hex) 0050: 03 20 00 02
        Number of Interfaces: 3
        Configuration Value: 1
        Attributes: 0xA0 (bus-powered, remote wakeup)
        MaxPower: 100m
        Interface # 0 - HID / Boot Interface
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In computing terminology, numbers starting with prefix "0x" are hexadecimal numbers, i.e. base 16. In hexadecimal, numbers range is 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F. By analogy, in decimal, i.e. base10, numbers range is 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.


PID = Product id = idProduct = 0x1823 (in hexadecimal) = 6179 (in decimal)

VID = Vendor id = idVendor = 0x0B05 (in hexadecimal)  = 2821 (in decimal)


Please note that the "key" info/line of a plist is  more like a chapter title and that the real applicable data is the one stated below that line. With all this info, you should now easily derive what you need to do to your plist, again without any guarantee that it'll work of course... 


  • Product id is also often refered to as Device id or Dev id
  • 6091 (dec) = 0x17CB (hex)
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Thanks for your explanation!

I have change the value into YekkiBluetoothInjector.kext but does not recognize my touchpad.

Sequently I have change the vendorid and productid in the attached files and I see these in the bootlog.

VoodooPS2SynapticsTouchPad Version 1.8.8 loaded...

ApplePS2Controller: Timed out on keyboard input stream.

VoodooPS2Trackpad: Identify TouchPad command failed


How can I procede?


thanks in advance

test 2.zip

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