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i have a problem with the installation of Maverick on my old DELL D410



i saw that the boot stopped after


Loading darwin 10.9

loading Kernel /kernel_match

Read HFS+ File: [hd(0,2)/Kernel_match] 4096 bytes


so I installed the extra of the DELL D630, because nothing is for the D410


and i am stuked on the grey screen... 


what do you think ? this DELL 410 is standard .. is there any extension that i should have ?




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Ouh! you have some serious readings to do!
D410 is a very old laptop from the Pentium M era, i.e. 10+years ago! That means Intel 915GM chipset, GMA900 graphics and a 32bit-only CPU. Should run Leopard 10.5 Ok (you can try to install iFail distro on it and update to 10.5.8), possibly Snow Leopard 10.6 if you're lucky but there's very little chance with GMA900 graphics. Forget anything else, that system is just totally obsolete nowadays. Lion 10.7 and later require a 64bit CPU (Core2Duo and Core "i" generations).
My old Inspiron 6000 (of the same era - see my signature) has been running 10.5.8 extremely well for like 4 to 5years, though it's hardly ever used these days... If you're up for a challenge: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1955-dell-inspiron-6000-snow-leopard-only/
Here, we can't give you any support for installing Leopard 10.5 on the D410 but you may try your luck at InsanelyMac and/or look for old threads on the Net.

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