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X1 Carbon AppleHDA Help!


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Hi all!


Soooooo, I bought the new X1 Carbon, it is a wonderful device. Thanks to folks around various Hackintosh communities (namely Rehabman and AustereJ) I have installed Yosemite and I've fixed most issues.


Brightness works, Ethernet works, Power status and power management works, sleeping/usb3 are all good to go. Heck, I even got the trackpoint working after some c++ edits of the VoodooPS2Controller source. The wifi card is intel, it will never work and that isn't a big deal. The fingerprint scanner isn't working either but who needs it?


That leaves me with 2 issues that I haven't been able to resolve. First off, I ordered a usb wifi adapter and I kinda shipped it to the wrong place.. I doubt you can help me with that one. The other, however, is the AppleHDA kext that has been driving me up a wall.  From what I've read there is some kind of legend here (a Mr. Jake Lo) or something who has a lot of experience with the ALC3232/ALC292 codecs? Granted I'll accept help from anyone if they are generous enough to give me a few minutes.


I've patched my DSDT already for layout 1, but I can change that no problem. I've tried VoodooHDA - that worked, kinda but it is far from ideal. I have also tried various AppleHDA.kexts from this site that are supposedly for ALC292, none of them displayed any audio devices in my system preferences. (I have removed AppleHDADisabler and could not find any other instances of HDAEnabler, VoodooHDA, etc. My system is clean.)


I'm attaching my codec dump, current dsdt, config.plist and ioreg if anyone would be kind enough to lend a hand I would greatly appreciate it.




codec_dump (1).txt



DSDT + HDALayout1.zip

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I did just now.


The only kexts I have are for ALC292, despite the codec dump saying ALC3232. Research shows that they are very similar. With various ALC292 kexts, none of them made it any further than before with the npci=0x2000 flag removed.

Thanks for the suggestion Bronxteck, any other thoughts?

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