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Asus N550J


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Hello Everybody  


Total New Guy here to this.  So i managed to get OS X Yosemite 1010.3 installed on my laptop.

Asus N550J

I have the sound working, touch pad is working, FUNC keys for volume are working.  

Battery Percent is working.  


Not working is wireless (know that is won't till i get a different adaptor)

BT don't care about that.

Sleep is not working on the function keys.

Brightness is not working o the function keys.  

Keyboard backlight is not working.

Video is set to safe mode.  

I have the intel Video Chip set and the NIVIDA Geforce 750M 4GB


What i am asking help for is the items that are not working.  

Instructions on how to modify the settings to get things to work. 

Any help would be great.  If you need more info let me know and I will see what I can find out for you.







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