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Asus S46C (Intel i7)


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Hello guys, I have my iphone and ipad for less than a year, and I first hackintoshed my ultrabook this week lol
Its an Asus S46C (i7)

I did install it by other way, but managed to fix some issues, thanks to the K46xx/K56xx ML10.8.2 guide. However, I have some doubts.
1 . Did the internal mic (the one on the monitor) work?
2 . Did the HDMI audio work?
If positive, can you guys, please, help me achieve this?
Thanks in advance.

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Please specify which version of OS X you're installing, your system's specs, and what procedure did you follow?

Specs include

CPU, IGPU, Display resolution, USB 2.0 or 3.0 (chipset)


What files do you currently have? DSDT/SSDT/Kexts

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