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D830 nvidia 140m - Yosemite bootpack


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Hi all,


Could someone provide me correct bootpack for my model of laptop to install Yosemite ?


My configuration is:


CPU: t7500

Mem: 4Gb

Video: nvidia 140m


I tried to install the Yosemite 10.3.3 few days without any success:

- changed CLOVER config many times with the different set of options

- used different combination of kexts

- used D630 manual

- disable/enable all devices in BIOS


What I  need:

kexts + clover config + chameleon config


Please help me


Thank you.

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Same pack as Mavericks... Same as ML without the ACPIPlatform rollback to SL version (v1.3.5/1.3.6). You can probably use the D630 pack too.


Chameleon config is same as for all previous OS X versions, with the added option kext-dev-mode=1.

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The D830 Yosemite thread lists the kexts used to get 10.10 running on the D830. It's no different to the D630.




I'll load up my D630 Yos /Extra folder; I'm using Chameleon, Clover too complicated for my liking... I'll have to edit my DSDT though because I tuned it to match the specific HW fitted to my D630...

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