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asus z97i clover issues panic


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Hello, i recently tried to switch to clover but im having some issues, after getting the booting to the USB to work i now get a kernel panic unable to find driver for this platform \ACPI\. I think this is because of the config.plist but i dont understand how to make one here are my specs:


Asus z97i deluxe ITX

I7 4790K

16 gb predator ram

gigabyte/amd R9 270X

sandisk SSD


Can someone please help me/create a config.plist for me if thats the error causer?


Thx in advance


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No SSDT or DSDT and just basic multifail kexts where used but now even unifail doesnt work and i have installed mac os x to my disk using unifail but i cant boot from it from the chameleon bootloader nor clover since they both dont work. I think i used chameleon 4.0.1

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