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CPU and GPU Temperatur D630 with Yosemite


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My Dell D630 runs almost perfect with Yosemite. Because of the nVidia Bug I ordered a Board with a GPU produced in 2010 :-). The System is running now again. But I removed the coolpads und the copperplate. I bend the HeatPipe part to lay almost on the GPU and Chipset und put mx-4 paste between it. Is this a better solution? I installed Hardwaremonitor und the CPU (T8100 Intel DuoCore 2.1GHz) ist between 50-60 degrees and the GPU 60 degrees and after HD Video or Game almost 70 degrees. (Celsius) The Fan runs only sometimes and not permanently. Is this ok or should I build in the old heatpipe with die Pads and the copper plate?


Thank you!


With best regards! :-)


I am sure Herve knows somethink about it :-D

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