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Dell Fingerprint reader in Lion


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Did anyone manage to get their Dell fingerprint reader to work in Lion? The ProtectorSuite.dmg on this site as well as the TrueSuite 2.0.186 work a bit but do not integrate themselves into Lion's login screen. They worked fine on Snow Leopard. The app recognizes the reader and lets you enroll fingerprints but they are not used in login or password dialogs. The new version 5 beta on Authentec's site supports Lion and integrates into the login screen, but does not recognize the fingerprint reader hardware. I contacted Authentec support and they replied it is a known issue. Currently in the Truesuite 5 beta, only new Eikon/EikonToGo fingerprint readers (with TCD50 biometric coprocessor) are supported. Older versions (with TCD42) should be supported in the next release. The new release is due in 2012. So for now I cannot log in with fingerprint reader unless someone figures out a trick to make the older versions work in Lion or put the driver for the older fp readers into the new software.

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