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Enoch Chameleon for El Capitan (and other OS X versions)


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Enoch has been supporting ElCapitan since r2725. I did successfully test versions r2725 and r2737 (latest packaged version published on IM at time of writing) and all was very good. Or was it? Those versions actually proved to be problematic for Haswell-based laptops with HD4200, HD4400 or HD4600 as they included a replacement of mobile GPU id by that of desktop id 0412.


In the case of my mobile HD4600, this was a no-no and I could not use 10.11 compatible Enoch versions to boot my 10.10 and/or 10.11 partitions. They prevented full QE/CI!


Fortunately, our good friend ErmaC has now repackaged a new version r2748 that no longer replaces those Haswell mobile GPU ids by that of desktop. This Enoch version is just perfect to boot 10.11 as well as previous OS X versions on Haswell-based laptops. My E6440 is very thankful for that!  :rolleyes:



NB: Compared to the previous versions, r2478 has a little defect at Apple logo boot screen/progress bar, but that's just cosmetic.

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