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D630 cpu upgrade


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I have a D630 nvidia running Yosemite, all fine

But I want a little speedup, and I'm (after reading half the internet) not sure with sockets are now working with the D630


The socket 478 of socket P are both 478-pins, but other keyed. 


A T9300 works (I've seen that in some1's signature) but will the T9550 or T9600 too? I think not 1066mhz fsb.


10 years ago I was very well read in this area, but I didn't follow it the last years.


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Any Merom or Penryn Core2Duo CPU with FSB800 will do. Do not install a Penryn model with FSB1066 as, if it ran at all, it would only do it at FSB800 and therefore at much reduced speed than you'd expect. So Penryn T9300 and T9500 CPUs are Ok but don't opt for the T9600.


The Penryn Extreme X9000 should work too, but you'd probably experience quite high T°...

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