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Lenovo Z50-70 I do not have all the files DSDT


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by tutorial:



DSDT files are missing after the dump F4 (clover)

Here are my files (origin):







did not work brightness




my hardware:


8gb ram

HD 4400 (UMA ONLY) nvidia 840m is off.

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You do have all SSDT's you need and your DSDT is present...


You juste have to delete all your the other .aml files and keep just the DSDT and all the SSDT's present. Then after decompiling you can work them properly. 

Once it's done, and all your files or patched et compiled without errors, you'll have to change your config.plist : SSDT DropOEM to True ( or Yes, depends on how it is written yet ). 


Good luck. 

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No, these files are the extracted tables from BIOS; do not confuse them with patched DSDT or SSDT or even the generated SSDT required to obtain native CPU power management; they're not the same thing at all.


Make sure to use files provided in a bootpack or posted in a guide.

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