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[D830 nVidia 135m] Achieving Maximum GPU Efficiency!


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Hello all!  Just wanted to share a tip with you all that has boosted and effectively maxed out the performance of the nVidia card.


After following the performance tuning tutorials and changing my profile to MBP 5,1, I was satisfied with the performance I was getting, but my experience was being plagued by inexplicable stuttering frame rates (just in the UI!) and throttled-back battery performance (HD YouTube videos became a slideshow).  There would be fleeting moments where everything was smooth and fast, so I knew the card was still being held back by something.


After doing some research, I discovered this tutorial on disabling the AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext:



After disabling the kext, I have to say that the difference is nothing short of absolutely stunning: full, buttery-smooth, consistent performance (even on battery), at minimal cost of battery life.*


*Your mileage is going to vary here: I have a 9-cell extended life battery, and after running a handful of stress tests, I found I'm only losing about 15-25 minutes on a full charge.  A small price to pay for native-like performance!  If you have a standard or stock battery, I can't tell you what sort of differences you're going to see.


So that's all I wanted to share with you.  Hope you're all having an amazing day, and take care!

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Actually, tuning the system for optimised performance in terms of CPU + GPU throttling is much better than disabling AGPM altogether (which is a bit harsh) and will avoid unnecessary heat and battery consumption. Given the well-known fragility and eventual inevitable failure of the nVidia GPUs on those Latitude D laptops, I would actually strongly discourage disabling AGPM...

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