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Problem - Compile DSDT


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Friends, I have a problem when trying to compile my DSDT .

I'm trying to brightness adjustment work on my Dell Inspirion 5548 running El Capitan .

I am following the guidelines of this link ( 
http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/236835-updated-2012-genericbrightnesskext/?mode=threaded&pid=1583900 )

As I understand it , I have to add the line Name ( _HID , EisaId ( " LCD1234 " ) ) within the GFX0 but when I compile my DSDT by MacIasl 41 errors are shown

Could someone help me with this?



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Jake Lo.. Compilation of DSDT worked but I keep trying to operate the brightness however.. after activating the DropOem flag in Clover, OSX can not initialize. The message "still waiting for root device" appears and stops. The last thing that appears before stopping it "MT=>RTMPEnableRxTx ==> Line 10471"

I have attached to this post the DSDT and screen shots of my problem.





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Unfortunately it did not work. I put the 3 files in the folder "EFI/CLOVER/APCI/patched" and I configured the DropOem flag to true. There was a black screen when loading the OSX. I made a video and captured the image ( frame by frame ) to view what occurred before the black screen. The screenshot is attached to this post. Tks


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