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E6440 with HD4600 - docking station DVI + VGA outputs


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I've setup 10.10.5 with my Dell E6440 but can;t seem to get the display output to DVI when docked. As you mentioned, pressing Fn-F8 will result in corrupted screen (which is fixed by closing the lid and reopening it). 
I've got 2 DVI and 1 VGA port on the docking station but none of them worked. 
I'm currently using the DSDT that you posted on your guide to install Mavericks/Yosemite on the E6440 and the patched AppleIntelFramebufferAzul and AppleIntelHD5000 kexts which got the HDMI port on the back of the laptop working.
Did you do anything extra to get your E6440 to work with the docking station?

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VGA is unsupported on HD4600.


For DVI, just go to your Display PrefPane and press [Alt] or [Win] key to be able to detect displays.


I tried that but it doesn't detect any additional displays when docked. 


My docking station is one that has 2 DVI outputs and a VGA output.


I've tried with both the DVI outputs and both are not detected. 


I'm looking at the AppleIntelFramebufferAzul kext and here's what they look like.


0000 0800 0200 0000 3000 0000

0105 1200 0008 0000 8700 0000

0204 0900 0004 0000 8700 0000

FF00 0000 0100 0000 4000 0000


If I understand this right, the red coloured 12 and 08 were patched from 09 and 04  respectively from the info provided by Jake Lo - which enabled the HDMI out.......


I was just looking at Pike's post on the AppleIntelFramebufferAzul kext and am I right to say that the value was changed to 08 (from 04) so that it references the HDMI connector-type? Pike's post provided the list of values for each connector-type and HDMI is 00 08 00 00


If so, may I know what is the value change from 09 to 12 for? 


Would patching the 0004 0000 on the 3rd line to 0400 0000 make it so that the 3rd connector-type is DVI thus enabling the DVI port on the docking station? 


I do apologise if I am not making sense here.. but I really am interested to learn and understand the logic behind these changes.


Thank you in advance.

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