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Dell 9020 i5 keeb restart can't reboot


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I'm working in publisher house using imac i5 (indesign 5.5 + cc + illustrator + Photoshop)
I have a Dell 9020 micro tower at my home trying to installing Yosemite 10.10 but it keep Rebooting when it shoes the apple icon.. I really want to have 10.10 on my PC for job
I have 2 hard desk first 500 GB the second is 160 GB... built in graphic card is Intel 4600 HD I have another graphic card HD 6450 DDR3 1g Sapphere ... My ram is 8Giga 2 ram each one 2giga on ram 4giga
Please help me it's first time to try os x on PC
I'm using HDMi cable my monitor is Samsung 23... using windows 8















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Are you using Clover or Chameleon? Seeing you set UEFI, I assume Clover.

Using Clover Configurator version 4.24, open the Config.plist in /EFI/Clover. Navigate on the left side to Kernel and Kext Patches. Enable Kernel PM and Asus AICPUPM.

But if I'm wrong and you are using Chameleon, then you'll need to patch the Kernel to prevent automatic reboot.

Here's a collection of patched Haswell Kernels by Hervé. Select the one that correspond to the version of OS X you're installing.

Place it in /System/Library/Kernels of the USB Installer.


For DSDT and kexts to use, you can find them here.

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Thanx Jake Lo.. I tried what you said... even Haswell Kernels but id did not work... I'm using Chameleon on an Yosemite dmg not original from mac its called Yosemite-Zone.dmg--- i got an idea to update bios from dell ... i found it's not rebooting any more... but after i got desk utility and format partition just one partition not the entire hard drive.. as mac os x journaled.... it failed the installation it gives me this log file


I don't know is it the dmg or because I did not format the whole hard drive (160 giga ...one partion 29 giga... the second partition has the rest size).. i format only the 29 giga.... or i need an original dmg


i don't have any experience of installing hakintosh before


thanx for reply

Installer Log 15-Oct-2015.txt

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Did you place the Kexts and DSDT into the right directory?

You need to remove the PCIe card if it has one. Only use the onboard video card and must use DisplayPort connection.

Boot with 

-v -f -no-zp GraphicsEnabler=Yes IntelAzulFB=10


If you want to use the Sapphire HD 6450 card, try this bootflag

-v -f -no-zp GraphicsEnabler=Yes AtiConfig=Pithecia

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