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Lenovo z51 ethernet cant connect to internet


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Hi all for this great forum

i am trying to install elcapitan and yosmite on my lenovo z51 core i7 2.4.

everything is going smooth and fine

and the dsdt file is fine too fixed my graphics

i i cant access the internet via ethernet 

i tried all the ketexts provided for realtek 10EC 8168 but no luck

the router detect the MAC BOOK as unknown so it prevent accessing the internet

via auto dhcp  , i get self assigned ip

if entering the network ips it detect all properly - ip - subnet-gateway-dns-localhost adresses as it is in my network bUt no internet connection till now

i dont know how to solve this problem

can any advice me in how can i solve this problem 

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ok Dear thank u ,, i will try it .. 

do u think i need any fake pciid so it can help in recognising and activating the ethernet port in my motherboard ? or only the kext can do all ,, what fakepciid do i need ,, please give me any link 

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