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No Touchpad, No Audio for Lion on D620


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First off, I'd like to commend the awesome work put into this site/forum! This is my first attempt at a hackintosh and it was much easier than I expected thanks to the direction and tools I got here!


I've just installed Lion on a D620 (Core2Duo, nvidia 110M graphics).  I used myhack.app, chameleon boot loader and the correct pack for my system, provided by Hermes in the top of this forum to create the USB installer, and pointed to that custom "Extras" during the install of Lion.

The system boots up fine (I use -v -f flags) but I have no trackpad functionality and no audio. Keyboard appears to work fine, wireless works, bluetooth, optical drive all seem to work fine as well.


In the forum post from Hermes, it says that additional config post-install using ESD is not necessary with these packs, and everything should just work, so am I missing something here?


If anyone can help point out why trackpad and audio are not working, that would be much appreciated!





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