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can't change cpu about this mac?


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Note I'm just doing this for fun!

So I've read how to do it and I tried it but it doesn't work I edit the about this mac strings and change the cpu to the name I want but still doesn't work also is it wierd if I search the cpu in the Document it doesn't come up? I searched my Actual CPU name in the Strings file but it didn't find it!? I caN edit the Graphics Display Sto rage and Memory sections but still won't work?? Is there something I have to do in the Bootloader I'm using clover? There are cpu tuning options? Or should I not touch them? Is it becyase my Laptop recognises the CPU Nativley? I have a Dell Latitude E6400 Intel Version yes I know the graphics aren't supported but I can live with that! I can use it fine! I'm upgrading soon to nvidia so yh, anyway how do I edit the CPU? Has someone got a Program Maybe? With a friendly GUI? Do I almost have to set it so it doesn't Recognise my CPU Automatically? So I can change it? Or should thst not matter please help me!!!!! Thanks

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