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Dell Inspiron 7746 post install help


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hi to all Guru


i have given up trying after been spending so many hours or reading and trying out. what is my problem now...


i have a dell inspiron 17 7746 series with i5-5200 and HD5500

i managed to get both yosemite and el capitan installed and get sound working. I faced the one atypical issue... HD5500 7mb no kext load


At first I had the error of "...unable to register framebuffer driver..." but the OS still successfully loaded with flickering screen for password login.

then I patched AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer (​39CF763C to 39CF773C). No more "..unable to register framebuffer..."

but the screen is still flickering for password and the graphic still remained as 7mb..and no acceleration.


I also used clover to  InjectIntel = True and ig-platform-id=0x16160002. I also tried 0x16160006


but the result still the same...


what did I do wrong....


it is sleepless days and nights..

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Have you try different ig-platform-id?

0x16260006 works better on my E7450 with HD5500.

Have you try modding the DVMT in the Bios?


The patch you use above is for Yosemite only, is that what you installed?

HD5500 works better with El Capitan...no hanging issue like on Yosemite.

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hi, thx for your response. 

there is no bios change for the DVMT... but window report that the memory is 128mb. so do i still require to do so?


with regards to the ig-platform-id, i tried 1616002, 1616006 and 16268086. all similar results.


i do not face hanging issue but it is the graphic card hd5500 no acceleration..only 7mb.


can you advise me further

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