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Is my wireless card compatible with OS X/macOS? What wireless card can I use?


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Consult the (non-exhaustive) lists of supported/unsupported wireless cards and dongles published in our R&D->Hardware->Wifi forum subsection.

If your hardware is not listed, do try and identify the chip your card or dongle is based on. Note that:

  • Cards and dongles manufacturers may provide OS X drivers, please consult their web site before asking.
  • Chip manufacturers may provide OS X drivers (eg: Ralink, Realtek), please consult their web site before asking.


Use Google to research for potential support or drivers under OS X.


If you remain without suitable answer, please post a compatibility query in the dedicated forum subsection.


Please note that, for years, Intel wireless cards were not supported at all. However, recent development was done and some Intel cards are now fully supported. See here for details:




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