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Can i install Yosemite in my dell inpiron 15 3542 pentium


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I think the big uncertainty is the support for your Haswell Intel HD (GT1) graphics. Can't say I've seen many installations on this kind of platforms. Nevertheless, this particular Intel HD remains part of the Haswell family of IGPUs, in the same respect as HD 4200/4400/4600 (GT2), iris 5000/5100/5200 (GT3/GT3e), so there's a chance...


You'll have to play around with the Azul frambeuffer for sure. RampageDev's guide for Haswell HD 4x00/Iris can probably help you.



The best way to know is to try...


If that dual-core Pentium and its integrated graphics turn out problematic, you may choose to opt for a CPU upgrade towards a Haswell i3/i5/i7 with integrated HD4x00 or Iris graphics.

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