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E5530 non vPro, clover lockup during boot


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I'm trying to install Yosemite onto a E5530 non vPro.


I'm following this guide.



I've downgraded the bios to A12

Prepped a 8GB usb drive following those instructions

Booted from the usb drive and would launch the boot osx install, apple logo would appear and the progress bar would not move


tried booting with -v -f -x, but it would still lock up pretty much right away.

i'm not sure what exactly it said last night, I went into the clover settings and enabled an option the the cpu submenu, (nullcpu maybe, don't remember)


with that enabled it booted up farther, but still locked up and some of the text looked artifacted/glitchy. Every 30 seconds it moved all the text up by 1 line (as if you are pressing enter in word).


Does anyone know what's causing this, and what can I do to fix it?





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Start by resetting your BIOS. Go to the BIOS, select 'Load Defaults'. Apply it. Then set the BIOS according to the guide.

As for the artifacts issue. Not sure what BIOS version you had earlier, downgrading to A12 might not be enough. 

You might have to downgrade to A03 first, then upgrade to A12. It's known fix for other Exx30 models.

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Thanks, I will try that once I get home, I had A07 and misread the instructions thinking that the bios needed to be greater than A13, I updated it to A16 I believe and then when I was going over the instructions again realized that it suggest being lower than A13. I will try resetting the bios first and take it from there.


Just got home and tried it again after resetting bios, seems to panic at com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.


AppleIntelCPUPM patch in clover binaries patching menu seems to get me past that problem.


After it loads the touch pad, it says missing bluetooth controller transport, and that's when it glitches out.




Any suggestions?

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