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El Capitan on E6430 nVidia GPU


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Gentlemen I need help please. Here is my setup:

Dell e6430 core i7 with 16GB, 1600x900 screen with Nvidia, Bios is I think A13. 500GB Hdd in regular bay and 500GB in extra tray.

I am currently using extra hdd just for my MAC HACKS.

Hdd partitioned 200/200/100 and currently have El Capitan/Yosemite/Mavericks all on same drive.

My Yosemite and Mavericks are running fine everything working, audio, Wi-Fi, mouse, trackpad, USB 3.0 ports, screen resolution (as long as I keep Optimus disabled in BIOS).

I am now working on the EL CAPITAN install and that is where the problem is. I was able to get it installed using a clover install USB stick but now cannot boot from the drive. I tried to do an upgrade from my Yosemite by cloning the second partition to the first and then do the el capitan install. Inatall seem to have been completed abu now unable to boot to hdd to complete install.


What am I missing? I am getting KPs and the a quick reboot so I am not able to see what is causing the KP.

Coming from Yosemite are there some kexts that need to be deleted from S/L/E or from my EXTRA folder? Also I can only use Clover with the boot flag "nv_disable=1" anything else or nothing at all and I get a black screen but I can see HDD activity still going.


What proper guide to follow? I know I will need single bootloader to allow switching from 1 ver to the next. Having problem with clover for the Yosemite and Mavericks, is it only Enoc's bootloader will work since Yand M were installed with Chameleon?


I know it seems like a lot od questions but it is just that I am now totally confused. I have been that way before and you guys helped me out. Please I need help again.



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You can install Enoch (r2795) on the 1st partition of your bootable HDD and safely boot all 3 versions of OS X.


For EC 10.11, you'll need to create a kernel.plist file in /Extra in which you can specify some kernel related boot parameters. In your usual Chameleon boot plist, you'll have to add the new CsrActiveConfig parameter and set it to 3 (or whatever other value you may fancy to disable SIP).


Add-on kexts should be placed in /Library/Extensions, permissions repaired and cache rebuild using the usual Terminal commands:

sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E*
sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E*
sudo touch -f /L*/E*
sudo kextcache -Boot -U /

If any error messages are displayed about cache or prelinked kernel rebuild failing, repeat the last 2 commands


If you do not want to cache add-on kexts (quicker boot), but simply inject them at boot time (slower boot), keep them in /Extra/Extensions, then add kernel boot option KernelBooter_kexts=Yes in /Extra/kernel.plist


If you ever need to boot with -f -v flags, you may find you need to also add KernelBooter_kexts=Yes.

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thank you all for the tips. I decided to go with Enoch's boot loader since my other partitions are also with chameleon. I was able to boot and get installed El Capitan on my first partition. Most things are working.

Here is what is not working.

1) Sound

2) BlueTooth

3) 5Ghz on Azurewave BCM94352

4) USB 3.0 Ports

5) Video seems laggy


I think I really need a DSDT for e6430 with Nvidia NVS 5200, Tried to bring my file from Yosemite but it doesn't seem to work. Tried the one mentioned above but it does not work.


Can anyone help?

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Gentlemen I am still looking for help. I have been able to install El Capitan on 1 partition of my 500Gb drive in the multi bay. I need help with post installation.

Cannot boot without "nv_disable=1

My wi-fi works but not the 5G band

Only 1 USB on the left side works

Need DSDT with usb patch. 

Upgraded from Yosemite but now DSDT from yosemite not work.

Trying to retain Mavericks and Yosemite on same drive. Not able to find way to have 1 bootloader.


I have searched EVERYWHERE but not too many help for Enoch. everyone is using clover though clover is not for everyone. Tried using it but would have to go back and install for Mavericks and Yosemite.


does any one have a working DSDT file for e6430 I could use? I am not good at patching because I have no idea what and where to patch. Tried a little for Yosemite but El Capitan is a different beast.

All the stuff I find is for use with clover and I cannot even find a way to make it work with Enoch.

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