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[SOLVED] Dell Latitude E6420 El Capitan USB Ports not working

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I have El capitan installed with windows 10 (dual boot) on my Latitude E6420. Everything seems to be working fine except that when I use OSX Capitan, none of the USB ports work. 


I tried connecting my external hard drive as well as a USB stick (2.0) and nothing is detected. I tried looking into "Disk Utility" too but no luck there either.


I connected my android phone and that is receiving the power but again, it doesn't get picked up by the "android file transfer" software. 


I followed the Latitude E6xxx installation guide with clover. I used E6220 bootpack from post #2 of this guide.


Does anybody know what I should do to fix this problem?

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Did you change the SMBios to anything but MBP8,2?

Switch back if you did otherwise the USB injector won't work...hard coded.

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Absolutely spot on!
I replaced config.plist in EFI partition from E6220.zip folder and regenerated ssdt.aml and replaced that too in EFI partition. Restarted the machine and all is working now.

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