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E6430 & E6230 sleep is weird


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Is there any way to make sleep work just like a real MacBook?



Close lid > sleep

Open lid > wake without clicking power button


Instant on from sleep would be nice too. Seems like I have to click the button and wait 5 seconds, then click a keyboard key to wake the operating system up.


Any ideas to improve this? I'm willing to be a Guinea pig for any experimental fixes

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You can grab the patched DSDT off my E6230 guide to obtain your desired behaviour, assuming you've disabled hibernation of course.


In terms of patch, you basically need to mod the _PRW methods of the EHCx/XHC/GLAN/HDEF devices to set (0x--, 0x03) or (0x--, 0x04) to (0x--, 0x00) as detailed in Rehabman's 6 Series/7 Series patches list.


Or you can apply Rehabman's patches if you prefer.

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