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Audio Codec: IDT 92HD93BXX

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Hi again :)


Ok, I solved my trackpad and keyboard problem. Once again, thanks for your help.


Now it's time for audio :)


Do you have any links or kexts or DSDT patched for my audio codec?


It's IDT 92HD93BXX (attached codec_dump.txt)


Thanks in advance,







El Capitan 10.11.4 dual boot with Windows10, Clover UEFI.


Dell Latitude e5530 vPRO, Intel i5 Ivy Bridge, Intel HD4000 1920x1080, 8 Gb RAM.




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Try this one. The on-the-fly patch is in the E6430 bootpack config here. The dummyHDA in the bootpack won't work for 10.11.4

Thanks Jake Lo :)


What about DSDT ? Or I just need to install that kext and apply kext patches in Clover Configurator?


I also noticed that two of applied patches are "Patch HDMI-DP port HD4000 1600x900". I have 1920x1080 resolution. Does it matter?


Cheers and thanks for helping me :)

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Do you already have a patched DSDT?

Patch DSDT HDEF to layout-id 12. Yes, add those if you want HDMI audio too.

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